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JUHDS Juba Airport Handling

JUHDS operations services staff ensure the safe and efficient co-ordination of all ground handling requirement at airport. Responsible for monitoring the arrival and departure schedules of our customer and the coordination of all turnaround activities, we are committed to maintaining the integrity of airline schedules.

Our Operations control centers (JOCC in Juba) or Flight Operations teams manage the overview of all ground handling activities on a daily basis and additionally manage emergency and incident situations (including weather disruptions should they occur, with minimal disruption to the rest of the airport operations. The control centers work closely with dispatchers at the aircraft side to ensure a safe, efficient and timely arrival and departure. Abiding with international standards requirements governed by ICAO and IATA

JUHDS has put special emphasis on safety and security of Passengers, their Baggage Cargo/Mail and the aircraft being handled. In conjunction with the Airport Authority Passengers, Cargo, Baggage is X-rayed using state of the art technology.