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Whether Operating for the first time to the SOUTH SUDAN or on technical landing, you now have the option of receiving the warmth and hospitality of the South Sudan culture with our meet and greet service at Juba International Airport Terminals. Availability for arrival and departures, the services ensure a warm smile and a variety of personalization fast track services from our friendly Services Agents.

Comprising over 100 staff of various nationalities, we handle over half a million customers per year with packages for every type of travelers, toursts, families, VIP Passengers and corporate business client.

We make traveling a pleasure and our staffs undergoes special training in various aspects of the airline industry, airport operations and customer care, resulting in the highest level of professional service and knowledge.

Meet and Assist services include:

  • Standard meet and greet: Our staffs provide speedy clearance through arrival facilities
  • Diamond service: full escort through all formalities at arrival or departure. This also includes porter age services
  • Family package: assistance especially for families through arrival or departure facilities
  • Personalized service: one on one assistance through all formalities at arrival
  • Transfer services: includes assistance for passengers transiting international airport.
  • Lounge: passenger can relax in comfort ant Lounge.